Our Journey in cheer all started with a phone call. My 6 year old daughter begged and begged to do cheer, thinking she's not old enough to be serious about a team I tried to guide her in a new direction. After weeks of non stop asking I reached out to fellow moms for help on where to go... I was flooded with choices. That's when I took a leap and called DFC. Tra answered the phone with his perky voice I was immediately excited for my daughter. Tra invited us to try a class, youth level one was practicing the next day and so we came. From the moment we hit the front door we were family. My daughter was greeted with warm smiles and lifted up! She finished practice and asked when we got to come back! Through the next 6 months we have saw many new things being our first year in All Star Cheer. But one thing remained constant , the insane amount of love and support we received as a family from every single member on the DFC staff. By the end of our first competition season I had THREE athletes in the gym at Dynasty Ford. My boys who are Rugby playing football loving intense athletes have found a home at DFC as well. I can't say enough good things about our very first experience in the cheer world and how excited we are to start our second season with DFC!
Mandi Morris
After 9 years of All Star Cheer (8 of them at the same location) we as parents were nervous to join the newly formed Dynasty Ford Cheer. While we have known Coach Tra for many years, watching him grow as an athlete to a Coach, to a business owner and we were so Proud of his journey, starting a gym is HUGE!  And for parents who've been in this industry for many years we've come to expect certain things. I will be honest, I was nervous.... but our athlete wanted her last year to be with DFC! So we jumped and we are absolutely thrilled that we did!!! Coach Tra, Megan, the office crew, the coaching staff all exceeded our expectations.... by a mile! We had the "family feel" we had known at our former gym, we had hard working coaches that pushed our veteran athlete to DO & LEARN more! We had streamlined billing, competition lineups early on, plans for the season all set up! Everything was EXCEPTIONAL!! We knew that Dynasty Ford cheer would be a success… we just didn't know how fast it would happen !! It's been great to experience. So proud of the accomplishments of this gym... and looking forward to another season at DFC!!! (Yep! It was so much fun our senior athlete is doing one more year!!)
The Olson Family
I've been cheering for 4 going on 5 years and had struggled to find a program to call my home until I joined dynasty, when I joined dynasty it was my 4th program, so i was nervous it would be like my last experiences, the first night I walked in there it was nothing but smiles & excitement for me being there and it's like that every time i walk in, when you walk into our gym it's an unbelievable atmosphere unlike any other program, you're not only close to your team but every single athlete, coach, and parent that is apart of our program, we're all about doing what you love and loving what you do, that's how we run!
Aleetia Gilbert