Davontra’ LaRay Ford

Davontra’ LaRay Ford

Program Director
The name is Davontra' LaRay Ford, but most people just call me Tra. I'm living my dream right now as Program Director of Dynasty Ford Cheer. I want to spend the rest of my life coaching kids and continuing to do what I love. (Cheer) And in return maybe help someone else find something they truly love to do as well. Aside from cheering I enjoy dancing, singing, acting, hiking, being outside, camping, and just having fun. I spend what free time I do have with my good friends who I can always count on. Look at life with no regrets and learn from every decision you make. My background is : Program Director at Dynasty Ford Cheer, Cheerleading Coach at Portland State University and Summer Camp Instructor at Universal Cheerleaders Association. I also Studied Business Marketing at Mt. Hood Community College and currently live in Portland, Oregon.

Sonny Browning

“My favorite part of cheerleading would have to be flying! I also really enjoy getting to meet and bond with other amazing athletes!”

Mitchell Hardy

“My favorite part of cheerleading is coaching! It’s an amazing feeling to get a new skill, but it’s an even better feeling to help someone else get a new skill. Same goes for competing! I have always loved being an athlete on the floor competing for a trophy, but being a coach, sitting in front...

Rachel King

“My favorite part of cheer is hitting new stunts and learning new skills!”

Skylar Ryan

“The thing I love about cheer is that you get to push your limits every time you walk on the floor! It teaches you that being an individual is great as well as putting that individuality together for a group performance! Knowing that if only one person doesn’t do their it can compromise everything! I...